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A pram is a small carriage designed for newborns. This is pushed by parents and allows your baby to sleep in comfort. Many units that are manufactured these days are equipped with state of the art shock absorbers and suspension. Use of these baby carriages are preferred by parents over strollers because of the following reasons.

  • The baby is protected, because prams cover your little one in a bassinet.
  • You are facing your baby as you push him or her while in the carriage, so your kid can see you
  • The baby can sleep very well, as he or she can lie down flat; the ride is smooth, because it is designed specifically for newborns. Put simply, apram is a baby's portable bed.

Baby carriages of today are very much different from those manufactured many years ago. He newly produced units can last and be used from the baby's infancy up to when a child reaches the end of his or her stroller years. This is because of the modern design and technology that has allowed the producers of this carriage to re-model, re-work and re-design the baby carriages.

If you are thinking of buying a pram for your new addition to the family, there are things that should be considered before you finalize your purchase decision.

1. Determine your needs – there are so many options (triple, double, single, side by side, travel pram, full travel system, etc).

2. Determine your lifestyle requirements – do you like always going to the beach and walking along the beaten track? Do you hop daily on and off public transportation? Do you travel a lot? Do you need to carry your pram up the stairs? These questions need to be answered first before you make the purchase.

3. Check the weight and size – when you are in the store, practice collapsing the pram and lifting it to make sure the weight and size will not break your back when you bring it up stairs or placing it in your car boot. Some carriages have removable seat that you can detach from the frame, so it becomes more compact and lighter. But it has to be put back together again when you reach the other end.

4. Determine your budget and stick to it. You may find good deals online, but you may also miss out negotiating with sellers to throw in some extra accessories like shopping basket, tyre pump, sun cover, cup holder, nappy bag, and more. Also, don't forget that some cheaper carriages can do what the expensive brands can.

5. Determine how many seating you would require. Is it multiple seating? You can consider the carriage that is capable to add a toddler seat. This starts off as a single pram. A conversion kit can transform it into a double.

6. Determine if what you want is a travel system, that is, a pram and car seat all in one. This can be called an all in one carriage that can be used from your baby's birth. You can take it straight from the car and straight into the pram chassis without much effort, therefore not disturbing the baby.

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