Infant Metabolic Screening

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If you are planning a baby shower for a boy, there are many fun ideas available for themes. One idea for a boy's shower is a blue designed baby feet theme. These little footprints look adorable, and it is easy to supplement this design with solid blue accessories for any products you can't get in the footprint design, such as table coverings or streamers.

Stork and Baby

Another design that is one of the classics of baby shower themes for a boy is a stork holding a baby boy. These usually feature the baby boy in a blue blanket, so you can use blue again to accessorize your shower items. This is a classic design for a cake as well, so many bakeries would be able to provide you with a stork cake for your shower. “It's a boy” is another classic boy theme. As this is one of the most popular baby shower themes for a boy, you should be able to find anything you want in this design, from plates to gift bags.

Ocean Or Jungle

One of the most fun baby shower themes for a boy is an ocean theme. Since the color blue is associated with the ocean, you can find a large assortment of baby shower designs featuring whales or fish. These come in both primary and pastel blues, and are easy to match with other everything you need for your shower, such as cut-outs and banners. A jungle theme is another good idea for baby boys. Monkeys and lions are both commonly featured on baby shower themes for a boy. Plus, if you don't want to make blue the focus of your shower, and prefer red or brown instead, many jungle themes feature those colors.


Transportation themes are also fun for baby shower themes for a boy. Cars or race cars are always popular and easy to find in party stores. You can choose most any color with a car theme, but they tend to be primary colors rather than pastel. Trains are another popular choice for baby shower themes for a boy, and are available in many designs and colors. Train cakes are fun, and many bakeries can offer custom made train cakes to complement your shower theme. Airplanes, helicopters, and boats are also fun designs to plan a baby shower around. Finally, recreational vehicles are another fun option for a baby boy's shower, such as 3-or 4-wheelers or dirt bikes, and these themes are great for baby shower cakes as well.

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