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If you are a new parent, there are some things that you'll need some help with, especially when it comes to the proper hygienic care of the baby. Somethings are going to be obvious, but others, such as how to bathe a baby, may leave some questions in your mind. In this article, we are going to discuss the proper method of bathing the child so that they will benefit without any harm coming to them.

The first thing that's important for you to understand is how frequently you should give the baby a bath. Although this is something that is going to vary according to personal preference, it's important to understand, it's not really necessary to give the baby a bath every day. In fact, washing them too frequently may actually have some negative effects on their skin. Of course, you would want to ensure that you clean them thoroughly when changing their diapers, but other than that, a full bath may not be necessary on a daily basis.

You should also find a suitable location where you can place the baby. Some people use the kitchen sink, but it may also be a good idea for you to have a plastic baby tub. Giving a newborn a bath in a standard tub is also a fine idea, although it may be a little bit uncomfortable for you as you bend over and stoop down to do the washing. Regardless of where you give the baby a bath, make sure you don't take your eye off of them, even for a second.

Before giving the baby a bath, get all of the items that are necessary into one place, including the diaper, a clean towel and any clothes that are going to be used after the bath. Fill the top a few inches deep with warm water and test the temperature of the water with your wrist. It should be body temperature or perhaps a little bit warmer.

You should undress the baby near the bathtub, as that is when accidents may take place. If the baby should have an accident in the tub, it's a simple matter to replace the water. Do not plunge the baby into the water quickly but rather, allow them to slip into the water, feet first slowly. You should also pour water over the back of the child on a regular basis to keep them from getting chilly.

Use a mild soap, as you don't want to dry out the child's skin and wash them, starting with their head and working your way down. Use a soft cloth to soap the baby and to clean their eyes, nose and mouth. Afterward, you can rinse the baby with clean water and wipe them again with a new, clean washcloth. When the bath is finished, wrap them in a warm towel, allow them to dry and then get them dressed as usual.

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