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Luckily these days as parents we have a world of options when it comes to children's toys; educational toys that are interesting, unique and designed in a way to ensure the undivided interest of the child or children. These toys transcend the world of toys to provide genuine entertainment that educates while keeping the child occupied. This is time well spent as we know it is through play that children develop.

In a day and age where online games, video games, Game Boys have taken over it is a relief to find proper children's toys that educate through play. The best point is that the child views it as complete play without realizing that he is actually gaining valuable knowledge. Getting a child interested in nature and science is difficult if the child feels as though it is going to be a chore or a lesson. Instead, imagine receiving a Volcano making kit! Now that would definitely be something to brag to the friends about. You can only imagine the hours of fun your child will have creating volcanoes, while without his knowing actually gaining valuable know how. Other such interesting yet educational toys include Know Your Knots Kits or All About Bugs kits, girls can create their own one of a kind scents with a Perfume Laboratory and a Weird Science Slime Lab is definitely going to be a firm favourite with kids!

Of course educational toys are not only about science and nature, it can have more creative elements as well, such as building models of planes and such, or drawing and painting or puzzles which are addictive! Children love the world of make believe and giving them the opportunity to play at make believe with dress up is perfect. How about a magic set? What child would not like to be a magician for a while wowing us with their magic tricks?

These are toys that help a child to think, interact and learn something new. It is quality entertainment that is beneficial to the child in the long run. Giving a child the opportunity to discover something for herself, learn how something works, to solve problems, to be allowed to use her imagination, these are all skills that will help her in her adult life. It provides a solid foundation for a successful future.

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