How To Take Care Of A Newborn Baby Boy

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A parent becomes familiar with the dreaded diapers all too soon. Sure, it is a great feeling to have a kid, but through all that those sleepless nights, screaming, crying, feeding and the overall exhaustion, you really begin to wonder how a tiny creature like that, can create so much mess! Though it would be great if one diaper could last through the day without having to worry about changing (ha! you wish!) but that is extremely unhygienic and would very likely cause a serious bout of painful rashes. So the short cut does not always work.

Some parents prefer to buy nappies made out of cloth so that the baby does not get rash. Diaper rash is something that is difficult to avoid, no matter what brand of diapers you use. The delicate baby skin breaks out when a braised with the artificial material. However, cloth nappies are a lot more hassle. A newborn needs to urine and defecate often several times a day, which amounts to a tonne of laundry to wash and dry. There are many mothers who do not mind it, as it is not only cost effective but also good for the environment, just imagine the load of used diapers you send to garbage every day, now think of a thousand such loads, now imagine millions! That is a lot of plastic and a lot of poo!

The use of nappies has actually become simpler these days if you really do wish to use them. You can now buy nappies liner that goes into the cotton nappies. This little strip of absorbent material soaks in the wastes while the cloth nappies keep your baby free from rashes. If you consider your waste output, these liners also reduce than significantly, as they are much smaller than the authentic diapers. Another great thing is that you do not always need to buy nappies; many use scraps of old discarded sheets, etc. to create makeshift nappies, which work just as well, and brings the cost down a great deal too.

However, the great debate between diaper versus nappies ultimately comes down to personal choice and of course individual situations. Excessively busy, working parents often cannot give the time and effort required to maintain cloth nappies. They prefer the more convenient disposal diapers and the rash trouble is nothing that a nice nappy rash cream cannot take care of. Besides, many parents do not buy nappies as they believe they leak more thereby causing discomfort to the babies. Many, on the other hand swear buy the cloth nappies and often use the ones saved up from their previous child. However, it is advisable to use the diaper at night times, as the babies will then get a good night's sleep.

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