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Traveling with a newborn or even a toddler can be really stressful. From maneuvering them through crowds, making sure their comfortable for long days walking around sightseeing and of course, the dreaded eight-hour plane ride to your destination it can be a lot for you, and your baby. So here are the top three travel gear essentials


  • Chair harness : Chair harness and baby carrier. Instead of high chairs, chair harness is really useful in restaurants and cafes that don't have a spare high chair available. They are also a lot easier to cart around than portable high chairs. Baby carriers are adjustable with good padding and support for the kid
  • Comfortable baby carrier : This is definitely the most important piece of gear, make sure you try on plenty in store, even pop your young one in there to see how they like it Get one with adjustable straps that have plenty of padding and support.
  • Collapsable pram : Collapsable prams are really important if it's too hot or humid to have the baby strapped to your body. One that has the ability to collapse down to the size of a small box is great so you don't have to pay extra on flights or carry something awkwardly heavy around. that's called the best travel stroller.
  • Play mats : Play mats are perfect for hotel rooms or bungalows that have wooden floors. While ensuring hygiene for the kid's play environment, play mats are also useful to the kid and the mother for relaxation, especially after long-haul flights. These mats can be available in various fabrics and shapes depending on client's taste. Get one that is large enough for you and your baby to guarantee you the good relaxing moment with the kid. It is also ideal for parents who practice yoga.
  • The most important feature of all of these items is whether or not you and your baby personally find them comfortable and easy to use Remember when you're thinking of buying any new baby products to try them out, ask lots of questions and always go for one that suits your needs. Happy shopping!

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