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Being a mother to a baby is a wonderful feeling. For mothers, there is no limit to their love and care, especially when it comes to dressing up their babies for the chilly winters. It goes without saying that dressing up for the winters is far trickier than for the summers.

Here are some useful tips that can help you dress up your baby just right for the unpleasantly cold winters:

Layer Them Up

Don't go for more than a couple of layers for a baby that's going to stay indoors all day. Begin with a bodysuit or a single-piece dress and then add another layer to it, probably a fleece. However, if you are going for a top and pants, then don't forget to pair the booties with the socks to keep the baby's feet warm and toasty.

The 'Add One More' Rule

One of the most common ways of dressing up babies during the winters is dressing them just as you're dressed and then adding another layer. For instance, if you are wearing a shirt, a thin sweater and jeans, then dress your baby additionally with a hoodie or sweater. Moreover, if you are wearing a heavy winter coat for outdoors, tuck your baby into a bunting or a snowsuit.

Sleep Wise

Dressing your baby sensibly is extremely important for a good sleep. One important thing to keep in mind is that it's better to sleep in a lighter suit than to overdo it. Babies tend to have a good night's sleep when they are comfortable and not overheated. Moreover, there is a greater risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) when a child is sleeping in a hotter surrounding than usual, resulting from excessive bedding, multiple layering or a generally hot environment.

Touch the Toes

The best way to determine whether your child is too cold is by touching its toes and belly once you come back home. Make sure that the baby's toes are cool, but not too cold and the belly is warm. Warm toes and a warm belly is an indication that the baby is overdressed. Likewise, if the baby's belly is cold, then it needs to be layered right away.

Hats and Mittens

A baby's head and hands are the most vulnerable parts of the body that can catch cold instantly during winters. In order to keep them protected, opt for a hat that adequately covers the baby's head, ears and the chin with a chin strap. Moreover, you can also cover the baby's hands with mittens to keep them warm.

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