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In this technology driven world, almost every facility and service under the sun is available at the click of a mouse. But one needs to be sure of the need itself. Babysitter and nanny may appear to be synonymous terms but a close look will reveal that there is a significant difference in their meanings and the services they provide. The term 'nanny' also transforms into diverse avatars depending upon the nanny care services that you would like to have in your package.


Babysitters typically cater to short duration requirements; perhaps for a few hours. Often, the first choice is to fall back on family and near relatives to take over the interim responsibility of upbringing the children, particularly if the need arises on account of a special occasion.

But, for parents who are reluctant to impose on family or when the requirement is for short hours, is more regular, there is little option but to look for babysitting arrangements.

Babysitters will provide services either on occasion basis – date night, anniversary, etc; or on regular basis – after school hours, weekends, etc. Babysitters' responsibilities are usually limited to basic caregiving for children – watching them while they are at play, monitoring the programs watched on TV, supervising the use of the internet, giving the children their meals, and, if required, putting them to bed.

Payment to babysitters is usually contracted on an hourly basis. Many babysitters are not averse to providing additional services such as watering the garden, cooking, teaching the children, or light household cleaning provided they are reasonably compensated and informed in advance.

Nanny care:

A nanny is generally professionally qualified in child care development or has years of experience in the field of child caregiving. Nannies are fully invested in caring for the children given into their custody and often become a part of the family that employs them.

The spectrum of services that a nanny provides would include all-round child care, cooking and serving meals, helping with the housework – doing the dishes, laundry, etc; tutoring the children, assisting with the shopping, driving the children to school, basketball practice, etc.

A full-time nanny would create a daily schedule spelling out the tasks to be accomplished by the end of the day. Child care is only one part, albeit the major part, of nanny services.

The primary objective of nanny care is the physical, emotional and mental well being of the children. Where the nanny arrives in the morning and departs for her own residence in the evening, she is referred to as a live-out nanny. But there are nannies that stay with the family which hires their services – called live-in nannies or au pairs.


Occasionally, you may feel the need for a child caregiver who is better equipped than the average babysitter to look after your children, even though it is only for a few hours. Perhaps, the child is too young or slightly hyper and you are not convinced that a babysitter will be up to the task.

You really need someone who is better qualified, more experienced and mature enough as compared to that of any typical babysitter. You could hire a part time nanny provided the requirement is at least for a few days every week. One of the best ways to assess your own requirements is to call up and discuss with professionals like Jugaad. Apart from providing babysitters and nanny care services, they will be in a position to provide you the right advice on babysitters and how you will benefit from the range of services available in the market.

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