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Most couples like to have both baby boys and girls in their marriages. Many people in the society normally blame women on baby genders. Most men quarrel with their wives if their wives are giving birth to only females. A lot of people fail to realize that a woman is not responsible for the baby gender she gives birth to. A woman's womb serves as an incubator that incubates whatever gender that a man must have deposited in a woman's womb.

There are several cases whereby women are left to suffer humiliations just because they are giving birth to only female children. Some husbands of these women would instantly go to take second wives or keep dates outside their matrimonial homes in order to get male children. Many men are not patient at all when it comes to baby issues.


Women who are giving birth to only male children in their marriages would also wish to have at least one female child. This is because female children are more helpful in domestic works and also closer to their mothers than male children who can be more interested in playing or watching football games instead of helping in domestic works. To some people, female children are money when it is time for their marriage.

Many women who are expecting either a male or female child try to know their baby genders before birth. Some of them go for scan in order to find this out. It is advisable for you not to bother yourself in knowing your baby gender while you are still pregnant because this may lead to total disappointment, sorrow and unhappiness if you discover that the sex of the baby you are carrying is the opposite of what you desire.

The best thing you should do is to just use baby gender selection product to select and plan for the sex of the baby that you want earlier and relax yourself until you give birth to your desired gender. You should try as much as possible to resist pressures and humiliations from your husband or his family members because you have not given birth to their desired gender.

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