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Most of the families find it hard to find the perfect nanny candidate when they decide to have a one for home childcare. This may be a complicated process but here are simplified steps towards finding the best nanny for your child.

1. Analyzing Your Childcare Needs and Family Situation. Turn your focus into your own family instead of starting by seeing what nanny professionals can provide.

You have to consider these factors first before contacting an agency:

a. Do you want a nanny to live-in or live-out?

b. The kind of schedule the nanny is needed for.

c. The extra tasks like housework the nanny will be required to perform.

d. Whether they need to be provided a car, etc. to make her more efficient in her work.

You will also have to consider how much exactly you can afford to spend on their services. You have to take all that information and write it up in a formal job description. With this written description in hand, it's time to find one.

2. Start looking with referrals from other families and friends that are currently employing a nanny. It is likely that good reliable nannies working in your social circle or neighborhood will know where to refer your family to find the same, whether it be a friend, a former coworker, or a great agency.

3. Consider the legal and technical details when hiring. Here are examples of the details that must be considered:

a. Proper nannies must be at least 18 years of age.

b. Have proof of immunizations, be in good health and physically fit.

c. Have received a high school diploma or equivalent.

If these basis are covered move on to a background check, a thorough interview, reference and work history check, and a review of everything from the nanny's driving record, criminal history, and educational background. It's always a good idea to do your own background check and examine also the credibility of the agency from which they come from. Always be sure a new candidate is legal to work in the United States before accepting her as an employee.

4. The child-nanny relationship is one of the most important. Spend time with her including one interview with her alone and another with her and the child together. Always be upfront and honest about expectations and job conditions during the interview, and don't be afraid to ask tough questions. This person will be taking care of your child, so you'll want the best possible candidate for the job.

The success in finding the best one for your child depends on the way you search and the process you take in your search. A nanny agency will make these things much easier for you. They will provide a scientific process from matchmaking to conducting extensive background checks and extensive interviews of candidates. While it is good to conduct nanny search by yourself, it is still better to leave things to professionals for your child.

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