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The pull-ups nappies is a special invention created for the extra active kids who will not take the 'torture' of diaper changes lying down! These nappies closely resemble normal underwear in the way they are worn and the way they fit but look and work just as a diaper should. The easy pull up and pull down action helps to get the diaper changing task quickly done and over with so that your kid can quickly go back to doing what he does best-being a kid!

People are often confused when to use but there is no single answer. The size of the baby is one of the factors at work. Some babies are born healthy, weighing a substantial amount while others might be underweight. The reason it matters is that, all nappies have a weight sticker stuck on them indicating the age at which they can be used. Now, pull-ups nappies is primarily for the older babies, the ones that can run, however, since they are so much easier to operate, many parents are tempted to use them earlier. If you do so, make sure the weight mentioned in the pack of diapers and your baby's weight is same or else they would not really fit your baby well, and leakage will only double your troubles.

The thing about pull-up nappies is that, they are found to be not as absorbent as the regular nappies. The reason in simple, they are meant for the older kids, kids who probably already know how to indicate that they need to do some form of excretion! The pull-ups are primarily supposed to be served as precautionary measure rather than the complete dependency of infanthood and used more for travel purposes.

While toilet-training these nappies come handy as they can be pulled up and down like regular pants, while at other times keeping your kid dry. However, many suggest that the use of pull-up nappies at the time of potty training as the kids are confused-are they or are they not supposed to poo in their pants?

Another reason to use pull-ups is the activity of the child. If you have a hyperactive kid, the pull-up nappies will not only be easy to change, the elastic like waistbands are likely to stay in their place. There are however, some words of caution.

Kids are over curious about everything so you might find them trying to or succeeding to open their nappies themselves, thereby creating a mess.Many have observed the nappies become heavy with the weight of the waste and tend to slide, so watch out for that.These types of nappies are not suitable for night as they do not absorb as much as regular diapers.

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