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The BOB Revolution series strollers are a group of two different models of three wheeled strollers that are designed for active parents. They have all the features you would expect from a high end stroller that is designed for those with an active lifestyle. Let's look at some of the specific features offered by the BOB Revolution series.

Available Features

The front wheel on the Revolution strollers swivels three hundred and sixty degrees. This allows you to swivel the entire stroller in a circle and turn on a dime. It's handy for tight areas and taking corners while shopping. With a two-step folding system, it folds down almost flat to fit into any vehicle. You can take it camping, to the mall, or to the trails to hike. The BOB Revolution strollers have available accessories that can help you customize your experience with them. There is a rain shield, a sun shield, and a fluffy insert for warmth in the cold weather. With a cup holder accessory, parents have the ability to store their drinks directly on the stroller. The seat for the child reclines and is padded for the ultimate comfort. A storage basket underneath is perfect for carrying your diaper bag, extra bottles or even snacks for your little one. The wheels are filled with air instead of being solid rubber, so your toddler enjoys the ultimate smooth ride.


The BOB Revolution weighs just 25 pounds. Almost anybody can easily lift it, because it is made out of a light weight metal frame along with the fabric. The wheels can be removed easily so that the stroller folds flat. The BOB stroller will hold your child until they are up to seventy pounds. The fabrics used in creation of the BOB strollers are water resistant and easy to wipe off if a spill takes place. A padded five point harness keeps your child safely restrained in the seat and protects them from falling out at all. It is completely adjustable to fit children from the age of six months on. A parking brake adds extra safety and security when you need to park on an incline. This stops the baby from potentially rolling away when you are outside. One of the features people like the most is the height of the handle bar, because it prevents you from having to stoop over and so prevents back pain that is caused by traditional strollers.


The height of the handle bar on the BOB Revolution is 40 inches, which is a perfect walking height even for people of above average height. The width of the entire stroller is 25.5 inches and the width of the seat inside for the child to sit on is 14.5 inches. When folded, it folds down to 39 inches long with the wheels on and 33 inches long with the wheels off. It folds to 19.5 inches high with the wheels on and 12 inches with the wheels off. This means it will fit in almost any vehicle and is an excellent decision for almost any family.

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