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Giving birth to a child is a miracle. It is the essence of life. However, it's pretty demanding and daunting. Some mothers decide to put it all out of their minds until it happens but the doctors advice against it. According to latest researches in the field, women with knowledge ahead of time participate better in birth process, kids' education and raising. The kind of information needed can be found easy these days with the Internet and communication opportunities we all have. However, specialists must be asked always when health is considered. My personal advice is to go to a therapist first before putting your whole faith in Internet sources.


#1 Find a doctor for you and your baby. Searching the most suitable doctor is time consuming. Right after pregnancy confirmation, start looking for a pediatrician. The influence of this person on you and your kid will be huge so be extremely picky. You may even put down a list of three or four different specialist and write each one's pros and cons. You also must rely a lot on your personal sixth sense. Feel the people.

A quick chat to the insurance company will also be a good idea. Check which doctors in the area the company covers, what is your maternity care and the benefits you gt for labor.

#2 Partner's consensus

Getting on the same page with the partner is not second in our list by a coincidence. Without proper support and understanding from the other person you'll face huge difficulties fighting adversities. However, do not expect him to know everything. You need to talk to him and explain how you feel. Don't assume your partner knows it all and have just the right package of actions prepared up his sleeve. This won't happen until you start talking to him and explain what you expect and how.

#3 Veteran moms give handy tips

Many of the major problems of a pregnant woman remain under wraps. These are the topics experience can be helpful. Talk to other moms and trough that conversation many obvious solutions to natural problems will pop up into your mind.

#4 Older siblings must be on the same frequency as you are.

The baby's birth may rock your older child's world even more than your own one. To prevent that, some parents use baby dolls. These should make kids get used to the idea that baby is coming and to understand what it means for themselves.

Another way of introducing the older child's mind to the idea is to visit thematic classes. These are tailored to explain to the kids what is going to happen, why and how. This should make diapering and breastfeeding familiar to the kid.

Find someone to take care of the older child during delivering. On the first day when the older brother or sister come to visit you in the hospital, put the baby in the bassinet and hug the older one strong. This should explain him/her that he/she is still as important for you as before and that will never change.

Pets need to understand what is happening too. Special classes are designed for them too, so take advantage of these.

#5 Help is needed after the birth

Grandmas and other relatives should be lined up for help. They come extremely useful when you focus your entire mind on the baby. Everything else should be handled by them and if they are patient and understanding you'll never mention the work that's being done around you. Do not try to be a superhero mom. Accept and even ask for help.

#6 Purchase everything you need

Getting a baby seat, all the necessary safety features is a must. You must stay focused and try not to get overboard by spending too much for unimportant things.

#7 Cleaning

Having the whole house repaired and ready for the baby is obvious “must do”. What we forget is the cleaning afterwards. Vapors, dust and bacteria should be removed from the room early enough. Professional carpet cleaners Enfield remind of the air cleanness importance. They recommend in their tutorials each young mother to have an air cleaning machine in the room where the baby is. The close contact with nature is another necessity. Young parents should do their best to go out with the kid as much as possible. This improves the immune system.

Hopefully with these simple tips, each mother will feel comfortable and prepared during pregnancy, labor and after that.

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