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Bed wetting is very common in kids and there is nothing to worry about it. As they advance in age, such habit goes away. If the habit persists, only then you should consider consulting a doctor. Choosing the right kind of nappy is very important for your babies. Choosing the cloth-made traditional nappies is no brainer. It easily gets soggy and so might dampen your bed or sofa or wherever the kids are sitting. They are not super soft and don't give extreme comfort that your child is in need of. What is more, they need to be changed every time after the kids urinate. And if not changed as soon as they get wet, your little gems are likely to catch cold.

Trendy nappies are the best solution for kids bed wetting. However, that never means whatever is available in the market should be picked up. Babies have very soft skin and so clothes or nappies of rough fabric would not be the right fit for them. Quality is important especially when it comes to choice of nappies. The kids wear a single piece of nappy for more than one hour. So if nappies are not made from high quality materials, they will cause rashes, irritation and other skin problems to your babies. It makes sense if they are avoided.

You might be amazed to know that there are hundreds of options for your pick. Velvety soft bamboo velour, smooth polar fleece, plush mink…the varieties are simply endless to pamper the apple of your eyes. Let us now have a glance over the little details of these three most popular baby nappies.

Swishy Bamboo Velour: They feel amazingly smooth. Some modern nappies for baby have bamboo velour in their inner part. Some manufacturers offer it as an optional choice for training pants or semi cotton nappy parts. They even allow the customers to get a custom made nappy with inner parts made of soft nappy fabric.

Polar Fleece: You might be surprised to know that PET plastic recycled drinking bottles are used for making of these nappies. The material is hydrophobic and so makes the right choice as it soaks the moisture from within and gives the babies a comfortable and dry feel for a long time.

Minky Nappy: Minky or Minkee screams both softness and luxury. Fabric that goes into making of these nappies is gorgeously plush and soft. They come in a wider variety of nappy styles, each of which is fabulously fashionable and skin-friendly.

Quality products come at a price, but it is always better for you to stick to superiority. After all, as a mother you will always love to give the best care to your kids!

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