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According to the dictionary a baby cradle is a small low bed for infant, often furnished with rockers. A newborn baby brings happiness and loads of responsibility with it which parents are required to take care of in order to keep their baby safe and healthy. Thorough research and the importance to understand a baby product is demanded on the parents part. Cradles are favourable among parents from time immemorial but with the growing risk of infant death due to cradles, call for focus and knowledge on the kinds and features of a cradle for a baby.

Help your baby sleep better with the right cradle

These are ideal to give your baby a safe and sound sleep throughout but in order to ensure that you need to buy the right cradle for your little one. It is advisable to invest in a good and sturdy cradle. You should buy a cradle according to your baby's height and weight. These are for babies below six months, i.e. till the time they grow out of infancy. While buying a cradle you need to keep in mind certain important features that a cradle should be equipped with. If a cradle comes with wheels for easy movement, ensure that it features locking mechanism. A good cradle should have a safety envelope around the bed to give your baby complete protection and the comfort to enjoy his sleep. The mattress used in the cradle should be flat and firm and not soft. Cotton stretchable sheets are advisable to cover the mattress to prevent your baby from getting tangled in the sheets. When you tuck your baby to sleep in the cradle, it is recommended to check for loose bolts, cracked paint and rough edges. Reading and following the manufacturers suggestions on weight limits are a must before you buy a cradle because a baby of three months differs in weight and height from another. Too many pillows, blankets and stuffed toys should not be placed in the cradle as it might lead to suffocation and accidental hazards. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, you should always place your baby on his back while sleeping to ensure safety along with a peaceful nap.

Buy cradles through e-commerce sites

Different kinds of cradles are available on online shopping sites to make your purchase simple and easy. Some cradles are beautifully adorned with rattle toys to entertain babies. With busy schedule and work pressure, shopping for baby cradles through online shopping sites has made life convenient for working parents. You can choose your baby's cradle from a wide range of brands like MeeMee, Mothercare, New Natraj, Mother Touch and many more and avail the seasonal discounts. Order your baby's cradle and complete your payment via net banking, debit or credit card and cash-on-delivery.

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