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When we say cot beds these do not refer to a cot that is used for newborn babies only. These are basically wider and longer than the standard size cots. And most of the parents choose to buy a cot bed for their children because these can be easily converted into a junior bed also. This means that you can use the cot beds for a long period of time even when your baby outgrows the crib and becomes a toddler. It not only lets your child develop the habit of sleeping independently forever but also proves to be a money saving decision. A cot bed generally lasts until your child is about three or four years old.

An important thing to remember while choosing the bedding for your child's cot bed is that it should be special sized and not similar to one designed for a crib. Also buy duvets and sheets accordingly so that these fit properly. The sofa bed should have a drop side so that you can slip it down to move your baby in or out of it without hurting him. Without drop sides, it becomes highly difficult to do so. There is no doubt to say that sofa beds come a little expensive as compared to a bassinet but then these are an absolute worth to buy. In terms of safety, comfort, durability and usage; a cot bed always proves to be a better choice.

Now the point is that what role a sofa bed plays in adorning the decor of a room. Cot beds when bring the look of a junior bed, these consume adequate space of a room. These neither look like lying abandoned in a corner of the room nor occupies much space. Cot beds are highly stylish and elegant to place anywhere in your kids room. Moreover, these generally come in wooden polish. You can also choose White Cot Beds as these make your room look much more spacious. White cot beds bring a neat, clear and peaceful feel to the room and make the place more graceful.

Choosing a baby Sleigh sofa bed is also an intelligent decision. These are available in both modern and traditional designs with an assortment of beautiful colors, designs and styles. You should choose the most suitable one in accordance to your needs and requirements. The mattress pads used in these cot beds are available in both thick and thin sizes. You should search one that is of best quality.

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