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Babies are the best gift from God and parents are often very anxious about the name of a baby much before the birth and try various means to select the best one. Narrowing down to just a few good and meaningful baby girl names is sometimes an overwhelming task. But today, you have various options before you like the internet where you can search for names, specific websites that share huge database resources of names together with the meaning, newspapers, magazines etc. to choose from. Besides, such great help, many parents still easily fall into the pitfalls. Here in this article, we will discuss with you some questions that you should ask while choosing Indian baby girl names.

Does the name have a good meaning?

While choosing modern Hindu baby girl names it is very important to know the meaning of the particular word. You can choose something that defines the personality of your baby. Sometimes parents prefer to go for words that are very popular but do not hold any meaning or significance. Such names may be temporarily attractive, but with time, the charm vanishes and the word is no more interesting.

Do you like the short form of it?

You may choose a perfect Indian baby girl name for your daughter, but how hard your resist; you can never stop people from shortening the name. So while choosing the word, be careful that the short version of the word should also be something good and not something which represents anything awful or creates a word that you don't like. In such cases, it's time to cross the word off from your list.

Does the word suit an adult image?

While choosing a name for your baby, always bear in mind that your baby will grow up and be an adult one day. It may be really difficult to imagine your newborn baby as an adult, but words that are cute and suit a tiny baby may not go well with a grown up. In case your daughter becomes a doctor or a teacher, she will really not like names like Bubble, Zuulu etc.

Is the name sweet sounding?

Before choosing the best baby name for your girl, think about how the word will sound when you call your baby. Is it pleasing to the ears or does it sound harsh? Some parents are of the opinion that long names work better with short titles and others think just the opposite. Words that are soft and charming are best for girls and this is something that your child will carry with her throughout her life.

Is the name very common or unique?

Parents often try to select a unique name for their child, but they should be careful that an extremely unusual word may draw unwanted attention towards her. The word may often be misspelt or wrongly pronounced and your child may be subjected to correcting how others pronounce it. So make sure that the identity is unique, but not unusual.

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