Care Of A Newborn

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We are all happier and healthier after we get a good night's sleep. The same applies for your child; therefore it is imperative for you to provide comfortable and safe bedding to ensure that your baby sleeps restfully. Baby sleeping bags are one sure way to send your swaddled child off to dreamland in a comfortable and safe environment. By using a sleeping bag, the baby will not be able to kick off the covers and get cold during the night, and there will be no more disruptive transport from the playpen to the crib.

Baby sleeping bags are ideal baby bedding. They provide a snuggly and safe environment. Baby sleeping bags are made out of a variety of cotton and flannel materials. The best choice of fabric for sleeping bags is natural products. Merino wool is an excellent choice of material for baby bedding. Merino wool is free of harmful dyes and synthetics, and is better at maintaining a baby's comfort and wellbeing compared with synthetic polyester filled sleeping bags.

There are so many reasons to invest in merino wool sleeping bags for your baby bedding. Merino is able to maintain a comfortable micro climate between the body and bedding. Unlike synthetic material, merino breathes and controls moisture, meaning that it is able to respond to changes in temperature. This ability to control temperature is remarkable – and its main advantage. Merino fibre actively regulates temperature and protects your baby from extremes. This means that it will keep your baby warm when it is cold, and cool when it is hot.

As merino is all natural, this means that it does not contain harmful chemicals which could cause skin allergies. Its super soft silky texture is comforting to your baby and will not cause your baby's skin to itch. Merino is able to improve sleep routines of babies and infants. Studies show that babies sleeping on merino wool settle to sleep faster, cried less, feed better and even gained weight faster! The same studies also showed that premature and low birth weight babies sleeping on merino gained weight faster compared to babies that were not sleeping on merino.

Swaddling babies has been shown to reduce the likelihood of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Overheating has been identified as a key factor of many cases of SIDS, therefore using merino swaddling blankets and wraps is advantageous. Merino is also fire resistant and is comfortable and easy to care for.

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