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An infant needs more than 15 hours of sleep in a day. But, due to one or the other reason, he/she is not able to complete the sleep cycle. One of the prime reasons for this phenomenon is that the babies are often covered with loose laid blankets, which cause problems while sleeping. Due to continuous body movement at night the babies tend to kick off the blankets. Cases have been reported were the babies succumbed to death because they got entangled in loose bed sheets or blankets. Such kind of unfortunate phenomenon is termed as SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Though there are various reasons of SIDS, such as spinal injury, bacterial infection, maternal smoking, and central respiratory pattern deficiency, the most common one is death due to loose bedding. The baby gets suffocated to death due to various items like heavy duvets, pillows and stuffed toys. To prevent SIDS, many companies have come up with different types of baby sleeping bags.

The sleeping bags are available with zippers and well-designed arm & neck holes. The material of the sleep sack is extremely cosy and skin friendly. While sleeping the baby remains comfortable and the sleeping bag does not allow the baby to wiggle out of it. The cocoon like shape of the sleep sack keeps the safe and secure at night. These sleeping bags for babies not only provide uninterrupted sleep but also help in maintaining rightful breathing in babies due to proper air-circulation. Parents can avail these sleep sacks in various colours and design.

These Sleeping bags for babiesare available with different TOG ratings depending upon the weather. Basically, these ratings denote the warmth of the blankets. The blanket or duvet with high TOG rating is best suited for cold climate while the one with lower TOG rating works well in summers. Earlier, going for camping with a baby used to be a problem with the parents and their baby won't sleep due to change in the environment. But these sleeping bags ensure comfortable sleep for the babies in outside trips as well.

The sleeping bags for babies are available in small, medium and large size and it is the most important thing while buying a sleeping sack. If the size of the sleeping bag is big, the baby can easily slip inside it, which would be uncomfortable for them. Moreover, parents must carefully zip the sleep sack and button it properly so that the infant sleeps comfortably.

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