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Cindy Martling knows first hand how difficult it is to care for a young infant while simultaneously trying to keep up with an exercise regime. When her first daughter was born, not only was she overwhelmed by the experience of being a new mom, but she just couldn't find the time, or energy, to lose the weight she had gained during the pregnancy. Exercise instead took a back seat to the demanding duties of parenthood. Before long, she had a second daughter and as many moms know, the task of squeezing in exercise between feedings and diaper changes, became even more difficult. Having always been a strong proponent of the need for more exercise she vowed to find a program that would allow her to achieve her exercise goals, while still spending time with her children.

Thankfully for residents of Palm Beach County she read an article in her Parents Magazine that has now helped Jupiter Moms change the way they reclaim their youthful shape. The article focused on stroller fitness classes in local towns and how the idea was winning favor across the US. Recognizing the benefits of such a proactive approach she quickly sought out a class in her local area. It didn't take long before she realized that Stroller Fitness had not yet reached Palm Beach County.

With 15 years of fitness and an AFAA certified group instructor qualification under her belt, Cindy knew just what she had to do. Having achieved her BAE from Florida Atlantic University, Cindy has spent over ten years in the education field. Thanks to Cindy, moms throughout Northern Palm Beach County can now enjoy the benefits of motherhood while concurrently working their way back into shape.

Stroller Power is a stroller based fitness program for moms of any age and their children (6 weeks- 4 years) that incorporates a cardio and strength training workout in an interval fitness setting. The one hour class includes over 18 different exercises plus a complete abdominal workout and stretching routine. The classes are held at the Town of Jupiter Community Center Gym 3 days a week. To learn more about this program check them out on the web at

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