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When a baby is born or when there is a baby shower occasion, there is this custom of spreading joy and love through exchange of gifts. Guests bring newborn baby gifts when they are invited for such pious occasions. One may argue the viability of such customs and the need for giving such gifts! Can't we do away with this custom? How does a gift hold any significance given that the baby is not even able to appreciate the same because of its young age?

A gift is not just a materialistic product which requires spending on your part. It contains that hidden emotion and sentiments which have timeless appeal. Even if the baby is unable to acknowledge your presents, one day he would be big enough to understand and would keep you in his memories whenever he uses the presents. Besides, baby shower gifts need not be anything expensive all the time. A wide array of gifts always awaits you in online gift stores. All you have to do is to browse through them and buy according to your capacity. In fact, as said above, such gifts are not meant for snobbish display of material wealth. A baby is too young and pure to understand the human complexities of materialism. A chaste little gift wrapped in love, rather than money, will be much more appreciated by the parents and also serve as a souvenir.

A simple hand-made card or a personally sewn sweater or socks also serve as excellent baby gifts since they have this personal touch and go on to show that a lot of effort has gone into them. But the present day society is so busy with its hectic routine, that people do not have much time to spare for kitting or designing such hand-made Newborn Baby Gifts. Therefore, the gift shops give you wonderful opportunities to pick up items which are personalized and carry that touche. There are cards and note cards which are available in personalized shapes. Even the photo frames and guest books, which are the favorite gifts to present to the parents, have gone personalized. These gifts not just carry sentiments but are very reasonable in price and hence, affordable by everyone.

A gift is like a tangible form of a blessing which can be preserved for years and can be savored even after decades. A special toy, say a baby seat or a pram, gifted by you can be relished and cherished by the baby even after it has turned 5 and even after it has turned 50. Other Baby Shower Gifts which you can give include presents like baby shoes, baby booties, baby bath set, a cute little dress, picture books or color books, etc.

There are also some chaste holy gifts like rosary, beads, silver spoon, silver cross, etc which are still popular and carry an aesthetic value. You can always find an appealing gift within your budget! But do not give precedence to money over these simple, little joys of life. Remember, if love & memories are your weak points, then you are the strongest person in the world!

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