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The christening ceremony is a very sacred and eventful occasion for any child. This is a day which not just officially makes the child a part of the family but also forges a deeper bond with God. The occasion certainly has a deep religious significance. Besides, the ceremony is an old custom and is tinged with deep-rooted traditional values. The moment is apt for giving some well-chosen christening gifts to the child. If you have received christening invites, then do not forget to buy a gift which can be adorable, religious as well as memorable.

There are different kinds of gifts that you can present to the child on this occasion. Here are some examples:

i. Religious or holy gifts: The occasions of christening and baptism are considered quite sacred. Hence, one can give a holy gift to help the child develop a powerful bond with the Almighty. Gifts like rosemary, birthstones, crosses and pewter necklaces are quite popular and traditional. Some stones and medals also have the baby's name carved on them. Another holy gift is the Bible which can be the purest gift one can think of!

ii. Memorable gifts: There are some christening gifts that help to create and preserve memories. Photo frames, photo shoots, personalized cards and personalized christening day albums are considered ideal for helping both the mother and the child conjure some spectacular memories that can be perused even after 20 years.

iii. Gifts for babies: When you get christening invites, you can even plan to give a baby-based gift. You can give something that can be used by the child right from day one. You can present a baby set of bath, comb set, towel set, sleeping bags, buggy bags, blankets, baby massage oil, etc. These gifts are cute and useful. Even the parents of the child will deeply appreciate these gifts and will gladly use it for nurturing the child. You can take happiness from the fact that your gift shall be a part of the child's upbringing process.

iv. Games & toys: Babies love toys and they can never get bored of it. Now-a-days, toys & games are available for all ages. You can buy gifts which suit a 1-year old or you can even purchase games which can be played by the baby after it grows up a bit. Rocking cart or a rocking horse is one cute gift which you can purchase. You can also give a baby cycle or other christening gifts like blocks, puzzles, picture books, etc.

Thus, there are countless options before you when you pick up a gift for baby christening. And you have several factors to consider before choosing your desirable gift. You can look for a religious gift or for one which is secular; you can look for a traditional gift like a silver spoon or for some non-traditional ones; and you can even personalize the gifts by engraving the christened name of the child. So, when you get christening invites, do take these things into account and buy a wonderful, memorable gift which can be cherished by the child & the mom for years to come.

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