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Welcoming a new child into the family is such a heartwarming and blessed day both for the parents, their family, and friends. It's only fitting to celebrate such an occasion through a baby shower party. If you're a parent or a close family member or friend who would like to organize a nice baby shower party, you can easily come up with a simple or grand gathering depending on the budget provided. Here are some tips on how you can plan the party and achieve a fun, meaningful, and unforgettable event.

Venue Options

First thing you have to settle is the venue and date of the occasion. If you want to make it simple and intimate, your own home or outdoor space can be transformed and decorated to fit the occasion. A spacious living room or a nice garden would be lovely for a baby shower. Other couples and family members, however, prefer an event that they don't have to put too much of an effort to decorating and planning. In this case, you can choose a venue and service that can take care of the planning and decor. All you have to do is pay for it and appear on the date of the event with no hassle and trouble on your part.

Invites and Registry

Once you have finalized your date and venue, invites should be sent a month or at least 2 week before the event. Include your registry details to help your guests easily pick a baby gift for the occasion. If you sign up for a registry in baby stores or online, then you will provide more options to your guests. They can find more baby gifts online than in stores nearby. Pick items in your registry carefully and strategically. Include things that will be functional and essential, things that parents will find useful and helpful when the baby comes.

Baby Shower Games and Program

Baby shower parties are memorable and fun when you include games and a brief program that can either be formal or casual, depending on the set up that you have. You can include a goofy game wherein baby bottle nipples are scattered on a tub or water or flour. You can ask the guys in the room to participate in the game and let them catch as many baby bottle nipples with their teeth for 30 seconds. The guy with the most bottle nipples wins. It could be a hilarious and silly game that everyone can enjoy and laugh about. You can check online for some goofy and fun games you can use for the event.

Food Choices

Depending on the time you have set your party, food can either be full meals or finger food snacks. It might be more practical to set it in the morning like brunch time or mid-afternoon so you can serve snacks instead of full meals. Finger foods are good for baby shower parties wherein everything is cute and fun size. You can include pastries, personalized baby cupcakes, bit-sized club sandwiches, baked potatoes, and other sweet treats. Setting up the food to match or complement the occasion would always be a nice touch to a baby shower party.

The best way to make the event a success is to put in some fun and creativity to it. Something heartwarming and meaningful can also make things more memorable. Guests are always encouraged to buy gifts that are not only useful but personal and moving. If you're attending a baby shower party soon, check this website for recommendations or consider buying baby gift baskets at

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