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The baby who can climb early and frequently has more sensitive behavior, and has good coordination ability, as well as has strong thirst for knowledge, but most of the babies who do not like to crawl appear dull and low mood, and do not love to contact with new people and new things.

When the baby grows up to seven or eight months old, they have been able to crawling. But some parents intentionally or unintentionally bypass this part, and parents cannot wait to ripen the children from sitting directly into walking. The experts have warned that crawling early or more crawling can significantly help their brain development, and make the brain strength the control to the nerve movement of hand, foot and eye, to inspire and develop the child's intellectual potential.

At the same time, crawling well and good at crawling baby has stronger cognitive ability, and the picture flashcards, speech composition and sound capabilities, as well as future degree of smooth of walking and running is better than the baby who climb lately or crawl little.

At first, crawling make the audio-visual range a substantial expansion, and the posture from static to dynamic, ranging from point to plane, with a large amount of stimulation, the thinking language and imagination naturally have been developed and enhanced. Crawling has a direct role in promoting brain, and the brain is the biggest beneficiary.

Furthermore, crawling action from initial crawling reflection through raise head, turn over, roll and creep line and so on intermediate links, and ultimately develop into a real crawling, which needs to go through several times to study and practice; every time to learn and practice is one of the mobilization of the brain and stimulation. Therefore, learning to crawl is actually to strength the training on the function of brain systems, and plays an irreplaceable a special role in the development of the brain.

Therefore, when you baby starts to crawl, and anxious parents must not be impatient, they should be patient to accompany with your baby to go through this period. Do not be afraid of dirt, you can cover a layer of clean foam on the floor and wash the hands of children frequently, so that will guarantee the health of children, and give the space for children to crawl.

In addition, crawl is very important for children to grow up, so parents should not ignore it. But parents should pay attention to it, and accompany with your baby to go through.

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