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ABC Baby cards, is a highly useful app that will help your baby learn the letters of the alphabet while having fun. It is well known that kids learn quickly by repetition. The app has a variety collection of cards with objects, animals, letters, and fruits for your baby to learn. If your baby can't read yet, read it to him/her and you will be impressed with the results. On the home page, you have the following options: view cards, view alphabet, view favorites, quiz, ABC quiz, and Most popular.

on 'view cards' to view a card with an object, animal, fruit, etc on it. When viewing the cards, move your finger from left-to-right to see the next image. To view the previous image, move your finger from right-to-left. You can favorite the card by clicking on the star icon at the top. You can also share the card on Facebook, twitter, or e-mail. You can view more options available for any screen, by pressing the menu button. on 'view alphabet' to view cards with alphabets on them. on the icon at the top left corner to view the corresponding object that starts with that letter. This helps your baby associate the letter with an object. on quiz to challenge your kid, and test his/her knowledge. Here you have to associate a word with an object. On the screen, a word will be displayed, along with four objects, and you have to click on the object corresponding to that word. You can check your performance at the end.

Similarly, for ABC quiz you will be given an image, and four letters. You have to select the letter that the name of the object starts with. You can set items as wallpaper on your Android, and also check out the most viewed items. ABC baby cards, is a great learning tool, and enhances the learning experience of your child. Features: * Share items on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail * Smooth and fun way to browse items * Play the 'Quiz' to test your kid's knowledge * Mark your favorite by clicking the star icon * Set items as wallpapers on your Android * Check out the most viewed items * Try more options by pressing 'menu' on the various screens * Collection of cards with objects, animals, letters, and fruits for your baby to learn

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